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Zildjian Factory Tour

The hubby and I attend a Habitat for Humanity fundraising event every May to support our local chapter which includes an auction of interesting items. This year we bid on and won a private tour of the Zildjian Cymbal factory in Norwell, MA. Hubs & I chose this item because, as many know, both of our kids are musicians and our eldest is a drummer - so we figured they'd get a kick out of it. Great thing is we all had a blast and learned some cool information.

Zildjian Cymbals are the premiere cymbal makers, bar none, in the world, and have been in continuous production for close to 400 years. The original founder was a cymbal maker for the Sultan of Turkey whose work was considered so superior that the Sultan named him "Zildjian" which literally means 'cymbal maker' of the land. [Not just musical instruments, cymbals were also an integral piece of the Army's arsenal, employed to instill fear in the enemy by lending sheer noise while charging into battle... not unlike Scottish bagpipes.]

Since the original Avedis Zildjian began his business, the company has been owned and operated by Avedis' descendants, uninterrupted, to this day. Tradition was that the oldest male inherited from the retiring owner which continued for several generations, but today the relative in charge is a woman [Craigie Zildjian] and the next two generations will be female as Craigie's eldest is a daughter and her first grandchild is a daughter as well [should they wish to, of course].

There is a secret formula - that only 5 people in the entire company know at present - which makes their product the world's finest in terms of sound quality. The formula was accidentally discovered by the original Avedis who was a 16th Century alchemist [chemists who tried to find a way to create gold by mixing other metals together] before his true calling found him. It's a rather romantic notion that this secret has survived and not been discovered or stolen by any rivals throughout the centuries.

While the Zildjian's worked for hundreds of years in Turkey, the company was moved to Massachusetts in the 1930's by a descendant who migrated here [and built a very successful confectionary business] before taking over the reins of the company. Not surprising but still cool to know, Zildjian is the oldest continuous running company in the USA.

Historically, the business was successful from its inception. However when the Beatles came to the States and performed live on the Ed Sullivan show, Zildjian became the premiere cymbal producers the world over in a single night - thanks to Ringo's drum kit. The company received 90,000 orders for cymbals the day after the Sullivan show.

As part of the tour we saw the entire factory [except the room where the metals are mixed as this is where the secret is employed] and got to see drum kits of lots of famous drummers, including Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr, Ginger Baker, Charlie Watts and Travis Barker. My kids were blown away when they were lead into the demo room that all of these drummers had used to try out and select cymbals for their own personal kits. [For any drum geeks, the test drum sets used are built and donated to Zildjian by Pearl.] Hubby & I were pretty psyched too -

Holiday Thanks

Just wanted to say thank you for the GIFTS kind folks have sent my way!

Merry, Happy, Joyous to all - redsock

Don't know why today...

I've been registered on LJ for quite some time now and haven't written a word of my own except in comment to others.  The prospect of posting something under my own name has been particularly daunting; don't ask me why, I seem to have no problem responding [even occasionally bloviating] to the efforts of others.
But I awoke this morning to story alerts in the inbox - that sometimes mercurial, but often generous bestower of missives from so many talented voices I follow...
oliviamk1218 and LolaShoes have posted!  Uh, it's 8AM, the kiddies and DH have been dispersed, the house is mine for an hour or two before the demands of my day holler.  Quick, make the Keurig do its thing!  Run away and play for a bit... You want it as poor Jonnie Lester had a bad night in Game 1 of the ALDS and the Boston Globe sports page will be no fun this morning...
If friends happen to drop by and see this post I just want to thank you [thankyouthankyou] for allowing me into your worlds.  I love to read, to escape, and I delight in your courage in providing [publicly] so many venues for my imagination.
God that coffee machine knows what it's doing... 



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